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“Whether you’re at the pool, picnicking or on the beach, protecting skin when you get to your destination is not enough. You need to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before leaving the house to let your skin absorb the SPF.

Once you get to your destination, reapply and then reapply again every hour and a half to two hours thereafter. Remember, it takes a lot of sunscreen (about a shot glass for every major body part) to get the benefits on the label”. DermRF

Reclaim Your Summer Kit

“With the advances in skincare technology, there’s no reason your sunscreen products shouldn’t be customized to do double duty and address sun protection along with your primary skin concerns. Make sure you’re getting the most mileage out of your sunscreen, and choose one with added anti-aging, anti-acne, sun damage or sensitive skin benefits”. DermRF

“Think you’re not out in the sun? Think again. On an average day, do you:

  • Drive to work around 9 a.m.?
  • Leave the home or the office to run errands or go out for lunch?
  • Drive home around 5 p.m.?

If you’re like us and answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re getting at least 20 minutes of sun every day, and that doesn’t include sitting near a window or spending additional time outdoors. Your best bet is to assume you’ll get some exposure, and make sunscreen a daily habit”. DermRF

Reading sunscreen labels and understanding them is almost as difficult as deciphering a text from your teenager. They claim SPF,  but that only indicates protection against UVB not UVA.  Translation? SPF claims only indicate protection from the sun’s BURNING rays, but there are currently no requirements to protect skin from the AGING rays that lead to wrinkles and, potentially, cancer.

The good news—clarity is coming soon. In June 2011 the FDA announced new sunscreen regulations (to go into effect by December 2012) designed to help consumers stay better protected. This is great news but means you need to spend another summer deciphering ingredient lists to ensure you are protected.


Some of the sunscreen products on shelves this summer may carry cancer-causing risk labels this December.

Don’t fall for false protection promises this summer, and avoid getting “burned” by sunscreens just offering partial protection.  Tune in to Derm RF this month for the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to SPF so you and your family will be protected all summer long.


Your Derm RF Support Team

“While darker skin tones offer a natural SPF ranging from 5-13, this isn’t enough to keep your skin protected. The sun may not have your skin “seeing red,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not making its mark.  Those with darker complexions might not see the accelerated wrinkles as soon, but they are more susceptible to other signs of aging like skin growths, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Most important, a sunburn is a warning; it’s the sun’s way of telling you it’s time to get out of the sun. Without the redness and burning sensation that accompanies a sunburn, those with darker complexions are less likely to sense the signal to get out of the sun. With skin cancer on the rise for all ethnic groups, sunscreen is an anti-aging opportunity all people should take advantage of year round”. DermRF

“Back when our ancestors walked barefoot, foot fungus wasn’t on their radar. Believe it or not, foot fungus is a modern disease, and it’s most likely your shoes that are to blame, especially if you skip the socks. Going sockless strips your feet of a critical sweat-absorbing layer and creates a hotbed for fungal growth.

To prevent fungal growth, be sure not only to treat your feet, but also your shoes, as they can carry remnants of fungus long after the infection may have cleared from your skin. Make sure to treat all the shoes in your closet since the fungus is spread from shoe to shoe. To treat, we recommend sprinkling some Zeasorb-AF in every pair to kill the spores, and, unless you’re wearing sandals with lots of breathing room, don’t skip the socks”. DermRF

“Sunburned feet are painful! Don’t let this be a habit that haunts you this summer … when applying sunscreen, remember to give your feet and toes the protection they deserve. Apply sunscreen generously, and don’t forget the sides of your feet and between the toes.

Lying on your back at the beach? Slap some sunscreen on your soles! Skin cancer can strike anywhere the sun shines and often goes unnoticed on the feet, making forgetting the sunscreen on your feet a potentially deadly mistake”. DermRF


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