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By Mary Radford RN, Director of the RF Connection

As of December 2012, the FDA will be enforcing new sunscreen regulations in an effort to help people stay better protected from the sun. At Rodan + Fields, we couldn’t be happier about the new regulations. We’ve been on our soapbox for years and are glad the FDA is finally holding companies to a higher standard. Here’s the 411 on what the new regulations mean for SPF:

  • Only SPF 15-50+: This is the range that can claim to reduce the risks associated with sun exposure. The days of SPF 90 are over – the highest you’ll find is SPF 50+.
  • More effective broad spectrum sunscreens: Only formulations with proportionate UVA and UVB coverage can claim to be broad spectrum.
  • No more waterproof sunscreens: Even the best sunscreens are only water-resistant, so always reapply after getting wet.

Having formulated RF sunscreens to the Doctors’ high standards from the beginning, it was no surprise that all our SPF products have already passed the new regulations with flying colors.

Stay protected from head to toe by adding these great sunscreen products to your broad spectrum regimen sunscreen:

Remember, the sun is out 365 days a year. Our Rodan + Fields UV Wristbands are the perfect way to remind you to be diligent with sun protection. Ask your Consultant for more details.

Myth Busters: UV Light from Tanning Booths is Safer Than the Sun

Did you know that on an average day in the U.S., more than 1 million people visit tanning salons? Some mistakenly believe it’s a safe alternative to basking in the sun, but the truth is, just because you don’t get burned doesn’t mean you’re safe. In fact, it might even be worse … studies have found a 75 percent increase in the risk of melanoma in those who have been exposed to UV radiation from indoor tanning.  Fortunately, skin cancer is becoming a top public health concern and the powers that be are even considering outlawing UV indoor tanning for those under 18. Play it safe and get your faux glow from a sunless tanner.

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Digital Product Catalog 

Sharing Rodan + Fields has never been easier than with our digital edition of the Product Catalog. Available as both an app on the App Store to download on your iPad, our digital product catalog is interactive, and includes links to R+F videos, press mentions and product details so your Prospects get the full brand experience.

The doctors are in Read About Our Products

Coffee with Nurse Mary: Why is my gauze pad dark even though I’ve washed my face?

Tune in to our newest webisode of Coffee with Nurse Mary for advice on your journey to great skin … all in the time you could drink a cup of coffee.

ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan

Protecting skin from the sun is a must, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a sun-kissed glow the healthy way. The lightweight, oil-free, mess-free sunless tanning foam applies easily and dries quickly. The effective dual-active formula ensures even, natural-looking color without exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. It contains Rodan + Fields’ RF-Dcell technology, which is derived from dormant narcissus bulb extract, to “quench” the rate of cell hyper-proliferation and extend the duration of the sunless tan. Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E protect skin from free radical damage. Click here for tips from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields on achieving best results.

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ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan



You have heard us preach that limiting sun exposure and wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen is the key to maintaining healthy, radiant, youthful-looking skin. However, Vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and overall wellness, is created when the body absorbs the sun’s UV rays. Since we are committed to helping everyone achieve healthy skin and a healthy life, we offer Maximum D3, an oral supplement of the most absorbable form of Vitamin D. As the sun’s damaging rays can exacerbate the symptoms associated with a variety of skin conditions including acne, sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, and skin aging, Maximum D3 is our recommended supplement to any Rodan + Fields Multi-Med Therapy regimen. Package includes 10 once-weekly doses.

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Maximum D3 Vitamin supplement

Jennifer Edwards Independent Consultant with Rodan & Fields Dermatologist


  • 44% of Home Based Business is started for under $5,000
  • There are 38 million Home-Based Businesses in the USA

That’s roughly 13% of Americans who have a “Plan B” in this down economy. We have car insurance, life insurance, and health insurance, even cell phone insurance! Why not income insurance? This is the perfect solution!

  • 70% of Home-Based Businesses succeed within 3 years versus 30% of regular businesses
  • 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed
  • A New Home-Based Business is started every 12 seconds
  • Home Based Business makes $427 billion per year

Let’s make a comparison: the NFL is a $9 billion industry. This is big business. Our company is doing 5 times in a month what Rodan + Fields used to do when we were in high-end department stores. But what attracted the Doctors most to this model, and has hooked me completely, is…

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