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“If you’re upping your skin’s water supply with frequent spritzing as a way to increase moisture, you may be creating a problem instead of solving one. Unless you apply a barrier-repairing moisturizer (one which contains dimethicone, glycerin or hyaluronic acid) immediately after spritzing, you’ll actually dry out skin because as water evaporates it draws moisture away from all layers of your skin. Feel the need to spritz? Just follow with lightly patting damp skin with a great moisturizer. Not only will you improve hydration over the long haul, you’ll get an immediately refreshed and youthful glow”. DermRF

“While darker skin tones offer a natural SPF ranging from 5-13, this isn’t enough to keep your skin protected. The sun may not have your skin “seeing red,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not making its mark.  Those with darker complexions might not see the accelerated wrinkles as soon, but they are more susceptible to other signs of aging like skin growths, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Most important, a sunburn is a warning; it’s the sun’s way of telling you it’s time to get out of the sun. Without the redness and burning sensation that accompanies a sunburn, those with darker complexions are less likely to sense the signal to get out of the sun. With skin cancer on the rise for all ethnic groups, sunscreen is an anti-aging opportunity all people should take advantage of year round”. DermRF

“Sunburned feet are painful! Don’t let this be a habit that haunts you this summer … when applying sunscreen, remember to give your feet and toes the protection they deserve. Apply sunscreen generously, and don’t forget the sides of your feet and between the toes.

Lying on your back at the beach? Slap some sunscreen on your soles! Skin cancer can strike anywhere the sun shines and often goes unnoticed on the feet, making forgetting the sunscreen on your feet a potentially deadly mistake”. DermRF

“When you’re itchin’ to scratch … just say no! Scratching causes inflammation and in turn causes a cascade of reactions. Take a hands-off approach, and not only will those pesky bumps fade away faster, you’ll avoid bleeding, scabs, infections and the hyperpigmentation that can result from surrendering to the itch.

Instead, calm the skin with a soothing lotion and/or ice. And if you’re really bug-friendly, try taking the vitamin Thiamine. The subtle scent your skin emits with the help of this vitamin will help keep bugs at bay”. DermRF

“Not necessarily. An SPF 50 can actually act like an SPF 5 if you do not apply it correctly. Protection is completely dependent on COMPLIANCE. For adequate protection, you will need a teaspoon of sunscreen (the size of a quarter) for your face and an ounce of sunscreen (roughly the size of a shot glass) for your body. Equally important is reapplying every two hours. So, be generous when it comes to sunscreen. Your skin will thank you by looking younger and healthier”! DermRF

Reclaim Your Summer Kit

“Put  ANTI-AGE  Eye Cloths in the refrigerator and use them as a cooling, soothing eye compress to refresh tired eyes”. DermRF

ImageANTI-AGE Eye Cloths

“The polyethylene polishing beads help lift hair for a close shave while bioactive moisturizers condition and protect skin as you shave”. DermRF

ENHANCEMENTS Body Micro-Dermabrasion


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